Do you ever struggle to think of something to draw? I do. Therefore I’m constantly looking for the way to generate ideas for my drawings. This is the second month I’m taking part in the Sketchbook Challenge – at the beginning of each month a new theme is set, the challenge hosts share their ideas and sketches on the blog, while other participants can post their sketches in the Sketchbook Challenge flickr group. This month’s theme is shelter. While playing with my children in the garden I noticed some snails and later that day a light bulb went inside my head – snails carry their shelter with them. So the next day I went back to the garden and did some quick sketches of a snail, becoming totally absorbed in its shape, texture, the intricacies of its shell’s pattern.
Sketch of a snail
Usually I wouldn’t give something as everyday as a snail a second glance and if someone told me to draw one my most likely response would be “do I have to?!?” The Sketchbook Challenge topics are helping me to narrow my focus enough to pay closer attention to my surroundings, while still having the freedom to choose to draw something I find interesting.
Snail stamp
Going about my everyday tasks I feel like I am on a treasure hunt to see how many various interpretations of the theme I can come up with and, as with any treasure hunt, there is excitement at spotting just the right thing. If you want to join here is the detailed explanation of how the Sketchbook Challenge works.