When it comes to art and crafts (and books) I’m a total magpie. New books, new art supplies, new techniques – everything catches my interest; everything seems exciting and worth reading about, researching, trying out right now. In the last five years I jumped from one hobby to another accumulating knowledge, materials, books, unfinished projects. With every passing day I realise more and more how limited my time, space and energy are and I end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. So to help me focus I’ve decided to set some goals for the next few months:

– Spend at least 11 hours/week drawing and painting.
– Finish one chapter of “Keys to Drawing” book every two weeks (that includes doing all the exercises for that chapter).
– Paint with watercolours at least once per week
– Do at least four sketches for the monthly Sketchbook Challenge
– Write two blog posts per week

In the next few weeks I’ll be seeing how well these goals work for me and what changes are needed to be made and frameworks introduced to help me meet them.