I’ve set my goal of completing one chapter of the “Keys to Drawing” book every 14 days based on my relatively quick progress through the first two chapters. However I’m struggling to do the exercises in the third one, which is all about proportions and requires someone to pose for at least 40 minutes for each drawing. Usually I would convince my husband, but with him coming home late from work and the children in bed only at 9pm, I totally understand when he wants to get other things done instead of standing or seating still. So to meet my goal I started working on the exercises in the next chapter as well. Hopefully in four weeks I’ll have both of them done.
Self-portrait (front view)
For some of the exercises I was able to draw myself. This is the first one – the front view portrait. It has slight resemblance to me, but the nose is totally wrong – too long and straight.
Self-portrait (three quarter view)
I like the second one (three quarter view) much more. It is a better likeness of me, despite making me look like the wicked witch of the west. I was in an irritable, borderline foul mood that day – I spent most of the week outside the house, so not enough studying and drawing was done (only 6 and a half hours instead of my target of 11) and at the same time the house still ended up being messy beyond the level acceptable to me. I think my mood is visible in this drawing, which to me makes it a success.