Sketch of my sleeping daughter

Sketch of my sleeping daughter (24-April-2010)

I’m cleaning out my study/studio space to make it more useable.  At the moment there are too many things that I keep on shifting from one flat surface to another. I’m constantly loosing the battle against my surroundings disintegrating into the complete chaos.  I’m trying to be ruthless about what to keep and what to give away or throw out.

After careful consideration I decided to throw out the notebooks with my old Morning Pagesas I doubt I’ll ever want to re-read them (off into the recycling bin they went). However in between all the repetitive writing I found some sketches that I like – I tore them out and am keeping them as they bring back memories of the special years of my early motherhood that went past so quickly.

Sketch of my sleeping son

Sketch of my sleeping son (06-May-2012)