Journal Page - landscape sketches

Journal Page – landscape sketches

Today I spent about one and a half hours outside sketching before the cold sent me home to a nice warm cup of tea. Usually I’m pushing a pram and walking rapidly, so feel hot even while wearing a light jacket. I didn’t think that I’ll need to put on something warmer for my drawing expedition as most of the time I was standing still.

Despite feeling cold, I was buzzing with the positive energy. I love the happy feeling that comes from a long drawing session. The critical voice, which is often present in the beginning, disappears and I’m left with the joy of the physical act of moving my hand on paper and the mental effort to figure out the best way to express what I see.

On my walk back home I kept seeing wonderful shapes, colours, contrasts worth sketching. Today I learned the valuable lesson: the solution to “can’t think of anything to draw” problem is as simple as starting to draw anything and eventually the eyes start seeing the surrounding beauty, the mind starts registering it and the desire to record the everyday magic becomes overwhelming.

Happy Sketching!