Watercolour set

My old watercolour set

When I started working I suddenly had money for the art lessons, though very soon I found out that I didn’t have much time and even less energy so they didn’t last long. However my art teacher gifted me this watercolour set. When I stopped painting it was sitting unused until I gave it to my daughter as in the mean time another friend brought a bigger set for me from Russia.

My new watercolour set

My new watercolour set

It also sat unused for few years. Recently I pulled it out of the drawer, but kept on procrastinating and finding excuses not to paint (see most of the pans are still in their wrappers). Eventually I realised that the large choice of colours made me feel confused and overwhelmed. So following Cathy Johnson example I decided to choose only 3-5 to start with.

I choose Blue 513, Cadmium yellow medium 201, Scarlet 318, Burnt Siena 406 and Sepia 413. I’m not sure that Scarlet is the best choice for the red, but once I get comfortable with these colours I can always try out different combinations. My first attempt at painting with the three colours (yellow, red and blue) was interrupted by my daughter waking up sick with the stomach bug. By the time she was better and I had some time to myself again the leaves dried up and I decided to leave this sketch unfinished.

Autumn Leaves watercolour sketch

Unfinished watercolour sketch of autumn leaves

I found having a limited number of colours liberating and feel it was the right step to finally getting myself to progress from thinking about painting to actually doing it.