There are enough ideas, images, symbols, and experiences in your head already to work with for a lifetime.  It’s a little like having a car with an unpredictable battery, though.  Sometimes you get in and it starts right up.  Other times, especially if it has been sitting idle for awhile, you turn the key and nothing happens.
Bert Dodson “Keys to Drawing”

It is so strange to think that only few months ago I struggled to find anything interesting to draw. Now I have the opposite problem – everything strikes me as beautiful, fascinating, worth drawing and I’m wondering when will I ever find the time to get at least some of what I notice down on paper.
Christmas Cactus in Bloom
The Christmas cactus, one of the few houseplants that survives my sporadic care, is blooming. I love how the delicate pinkish-red flowers are contrasting against the deep greens and purples of the stems. I attempted to capture these colours with the watercolour paint.

Watercolour sketch of Christmas Cactus

Watercolour sketch of Christmas Cactus

I was happy with some parts of this sketch and totally frustrated by others including the total lack of composition, so the next day I attempted a pencil drawing of the cactus paying a closer attention to the placement on the paper and making conscious decisions of which stems to include and omit.

Drawing of Christmas Cactus

Pencil drawing of Christmas Cactus

I was lucky to get about one and a half hours to myself to do this drawing and couldn’t resist at the end quickly adding some colour as that was what firstly attracted me to this plant. I wish I had more time to do some careful shading. Whenever I get time to loose myself in the process of drawing and create something slightly more complicated than a rapid sketch, I end up feeling both exhilarated, because I enjoyed the process and can see my skills improving, and dejected, because I know that for now these long precious stretches of drawing time are rare and have to be carefully found in between everyday chores. On the upside I am finally giving more importance to my need to express myself visually and am watchful for the opportunities to carve the time to improve my drawing and painting skills.
Happy drawing to you.