I finished another Daler-Rowney Drawing Papier Esquisse A4 sketchpad and it feels like a little victory. After months of sketching I noticed that the hardest part for me isn’t finding the time or the energy or choosing the subject, but actually remembering in the midst of all the daily activities my resolution and desire to sketch. Nowadays I keep a sketchpad in the kitchen/living area as a reminder to myself to do quick sketches whenever I have any free time. My chances for sketching usually come in the short bursts of time when the kids are occupied with the toys or books and so often I end up grabbing the pad and sketching without thinking or planning whatever is in front of me – mostly my own children.
Pen sketch of standing toddler
I remember feeling in the Life Drawing class I took years ago that the 2 minutes poses were too short. I suspect now, after I had lots of practice sketching constantly moving children, these same two minutes would feel like plenty of time to get down at least the general outlines of the pose.

There are times when I finish my meal before the kids and then, if I remember, I sketch my children’s faces, as they stay in about the same position for longer.
Pen sketches of my son's face
At times I attempt to do quick tonal or compositional studies for the potential future paintings.
Pen sketches of flowers
Once the kids are in bed I usually work in the hardcover Daler-Rowney Ebony sketchbooks or on the watercolour paper, however there are times in the evenings when I’m tired and can’t find any enthusiasm for attempting to do “good” well thought-out drawings or paintings and so yet again I pick up the sketchpad and sketch whatever is in sight.
Pen sketches of hand