I was using an old plastic case for keeping my outside sketch set of pens and pencils, but the zip broke and I decided to get something handmade from Etsy to replace it.  I was very tempted by one of the gorgeous and sophisticated Harris Tweed pencil cases from LifeCovers, but at the end the little Russian girl inside me couldn’t resist the Handmade with Joy pencil case made from Matreyoshka print fabric. Here it is with the rest of my sketch kit:
Outdoor sketch kit
The larger of the two sketchbooks is Daler-Rowney A5 Ebony Artist’s sketch book, which I take with me only when I’m certain that I’ll have time to sketch. The cover is by “Orchard Marbling” from Wotton-under-Edge, who sadly doesn’t have an online presence. The small sketchbook is hand*book journal (Portrait 3½” × 5½”), which I bought to replace my previous A5 sketchbook hoping to lighten up my kit. It is great for carrying around and therefore is always in my bag just in case there is an unexpected opportunity to draw, but I prefer to work in the larger one.

The watercolours are Daler-Rowney pocket set with student grade colours (they used to be called Georgian when I bought it, but were renamed Aquafine). I’m not very fond of the colour selection and the quality as my results always end up looking pale and brownish. I really need to get around to replacing them with either Windsor&Newton, which I want to try as so many people love them, or Russian St Petersburg White Nights, which I’m familiar with, but heard conflicting comments about their colour-fastness.

There is a Sketch Kit flickr group, which I find fascinating to browse as it gives a small glimpse of how other people work and there are helpful tips to how organize various art supplies.

What is in your sketch kit?