I haven’t taken part in the monthly Sketchbook Challenge since October. I was too busy with other things or the chosen topics didn’t appeal to me, but I missed the delight at generating the diverse ideas from one word. I thought about taking part in one of the numerous weekly challenges, like Illustration Friday, but quickly discovered that one week isn’t long enough for me – by the time I come up with an idea and the way to sketch it, the week had flown by and I should be moving on to the next topic. Therefore I choose to come back to the Sketchbook Challenge and this was a good months to do so as I have many ideas for the current theme of Spirals.

In her introductory post to this months theme Frances Alford mentioned spirals in flowers. I didn’t think I ever noticed them before until I came across the photo of the rose in one of my old journals – it was definitely a spiral arrangement of petals that caught my eye and made me take a photo.
Rose Spiral
I decided to use the photo to draw a rose on the cover of my current journal using white gel pen. While drawing it the famous quote from Shakespeare popped into my head, so I added it in the spiral around the flower.
A rose by any other name
Shakespeare been on my mind lately. I recently passed the Globe theater and wondered if I should introduce my 6-year-old daughter to his work and the Globe before we leave London. I get the impression that many English speaking people learn to dislike his work while having to study it at school and maybe more tangible and visual introduction than written down words will spark an interest and desire to learn more? Maybe I’ll start by showing her some of the Animated Tales, of which I have fond memories from my own childhood.