When I just started drawing everyday I often complained about having no time for it. Getting a five-minute sketch done felt like a great achievement. Looking back it seems that I was lacking in motivation and stamina more than I was lacking in time.
Nowadays I can comfortably fit an hour of sketching into my day:

Early in the morning. I started getting up at 5:30 am before everyone else is up. I write the morning pages, review my task list for the day and sketch. Depending on my luck I get between 20 and 50 minutes of drawing time before the youngest wakes up.

Pencil sketch of beer bottle

50 minute pencil sketch of the beer bottle

While watching TV. I stopped watching TV on regular basis long time ago, but I occasionally join my husband to watch a movie. Recently I attempted to sketch the faces while watching “The Game of Thrones”. These quick sketches may not bear much resemblance to the actors, but the only way to get better is to practice and I was surprised at how loose my marks became after a while.
Sketching faces while watching TV
While waiting. While waiting for the train I often do some quick drawings of the people on the opposite platform as there is no risk of them demanding to see how the sketch turned out and being unhappy with how they are portrayed. When my family and I go out to a restaurant I try to sketch while waiting for the meal to arrive.
On the public transport. I’ve sketched on the trains and the buses, though the buses are harder due to the wobbliness.
At the friends’ houses.
Pen sketch of seashellsThis sketch was done while my friend was planting flowers in her garden and our boys played together. I’m not a very chatty person, so after talking for a while, I felt more comfortable getting out my sketchbook than trying to find another topic to fill in the silence. As a bonus one of my friends caught the sketching bug and now, whenever we get together, she is the first one to suggest we take out our sketchbooks and do some drawing.
In short snatched moments while the kids are happily occupied with toys, books, playing in the bath, their own painting. Sometimes I have to share my nice supplies to prolong the peaceful moment, but it is worth it.

Sketch of bird building a nest

I done this super-quick (2-3 minutes) sketch of the bird building a nest outside our staircase window while the kids watched it. I had to be really quick as I didn’t want the youngest to become restless on the stairs.

At the concerts, plays, etc. I love classical music and I haven’t been to the concert for a very long time, so I may plan one for the nearest future and bring my sketchbook with me.

When do you find time to draw?