Isle of Wight didn’t disappoint – there was something for everyone in the family:
Hovercraft to Isle of Wight

Steam train

  • Stately homes and one of the young ones fiddling with the camera controls without us, adults, noticing for at least a day, which resulted in the lots of photos being overexposed.

Osborne House, Isle of Wight

  • Learning a bit more about Dinosaurs
  • Gazing at the grazing cows and reminiscing about the smell and the taste of the fresh cow’s milk.

Grazing cows

  • Many slow walks on the beach and finding treasures

Through the hole

  • Falling in love with the gorgeous skies and cloud formations

Gorgeous sky at Isle of Wight
If I was on my own I would be quite happy to sit somewhere on the beach attempting to capture some of the beauty of the sky and the sea. I wasn’t and I totally underestimated how much time will be taken up by the usual food preparation, getting the kids to sleep in a new place, playing, touring, etc. I’ve done very little sketching and yet I feel positive that I’ve done some. I’ll share the sketches with you in the next post.