During our holiday we stayed in the lovely apartment located in a house with stunning grounds. I had plans to do some sketching of trees, flowers and maybe the house, but only got around to doing this quick sketch of the view from the window.
Window view sketch
I attempted to sketch on the moving steam train only to find out that it is more wobbly than the modern ones and I couldn’t get any of my lines to be straight
Sketch from the train
I was planning to have a quick sketch of my son on the right to fill in the space, but he was too excited to stay still.

I managed to get my son to nap in the apartment twice. On the second occasion I walked to the beach and tried to capture some of the majesty and beauty of the sea and the sky.
Watercolour sketch of view from Isle of Wight
The sketch was a total failure, but I learned few lessons:

  • I don’t have enough watercolour skills to produce the work I want, but at least now I have some understanding about what type of techniques I can use to create the desired effects
  • I need to use better paper for the watercolour sketches as I couldn’t paint wet-on-wet or do more than one-two layers
  • I dislike the selection of the Daler-Rowney student grade watercolours in my outdoor set and need to find the time to figure out what colours work for me
  • If I had to choose one subject for the paintings to concentrate on, it would be the Sky (closely followed by flowers and people)

During the first nap in the apartment I spent over an hour doing a slow watercolour sketch of the shells we found on one of our walks.
Seashells - watercolour sketch
It was done in the Moleskine watercolour sketchbook and the results are much better. I have no idea why I didn’t think to use it for my outdoor sketch, specially because the landscape format would’ve been perfect for a change. Maybe having too many choices isn’t always the best thing and carrying two sketchbooks is definitely not much fun. I like Daler-Rowney A5 portrait sketchbook format, so I’m thinking of trying one of the Stillman & Birn sketchbooks – I just need to figure out which series is the best one for the type of watercolour sketches that I want to do.