Every workday on the bus to my daughter’s kindergarten I go past a strip of the field flowers and every time I marvel at how bright the red poppies look against the green of the grass and the white of the daisies. Occasionally there is a patch of the blue-purple flowers and they make the whole collection look even more visually interesting. Every time I wish I could get off the bus and spend few hours sketching.
Field Flowers
Finally the weekend weather was dry and warm and the kids went out to a classical music concert for children with their dad and I walked to the heath and spent 30 minutes sketching on Daler-Rowney watercolour postcard with St Petersburg White Nights watercolours. I was hoping to find another chance to return to this subject and maybe do a slightly larger sketch, but last few days were rather hot and I suspect most of the flowers will wither before the weekend.
Sketch of field flowers