I was pondering about what type of artist I would like to be and what type of painting I should concentrate on for now and to avoid sinking deeper and deeper into the confusion decided to get a second opinion. The only other artistically inclined person around was my almost seven-year-old daughter.
“If you had to choose between being a fine artist or a book illustrator, which one would you choose?”
She answered without any hesitation “The book illustrator.”
Surprised at the quickness of her response I wanted to know why.
“Because I already illustrated a book,” she replied in the matter-of-fact tone.
True, she painted pictures in few little books I made for her by folding and sewing together watercolour pages. I had to laugh at the drastic difference between her confident simple logic and my own hesitant and muddled thinking. Maybe making the choice should be as simple as trying out what I think I may like to do, to find out what I actually enjoy doing most.