Paternoster, Western Cape, South Africa

Hello from the sunny South Africa. We’ve been in Cape Town for two weeks now. The last month in London was consumed by seemingly endless, relentless list of tasks. To keep some sanity we had to cut down on the amount of the sightseeing that we planned to do, though still managed to visit some of the places on our list. The upside (or was it the downside?) of being so busy was that I didn’t have time to dwell too much on the conflicting emotions of saying the goodbye to the familiar established way of life, to the places that I visited on daily or weekly bases, to the good friends. “You must be so excited” was one of the most common comments. I didn’t feel much excitement, mostly I was apprehensive of forgetting to do something important or time critical and was wondering how the rest of the family will react to the upheaval of moving to a different, only slightly familiar part of the world.
Everything boxed up
The first week in Cape Town I felt lost – the sudden change from busyness to holiday was strange. The youngest one kept on asking for his toys and seemed to want to be back in the familiar environment. Eventually he accepted that everything is packed away in boxes sailing inside a container towards us.

There is time to think things over, to dream, to plan. I notice the beauty around me, play with my children, enjoy their laughter; yet I still feel restless, desiring to take actions towards creating the Australian future. I’m looking forward to arriving back to my flat in Melbourne, to establishing new (hopefully healthier and happier) routines, meeting up with old friends and family, making new friends, exploring Australia and sharing it with the three people, who I love most of all.