It’s been twenty days and I’ve only painted seven times, though I managed to do quick pen sketches almost everyday. I guess it was a bit unrealistic to set myself a daily painting challenge at the same time as moving into a new place on the other side of the world from London and having no set routines.
Watercolour sketch of an apple
At first I had best intentions to paint in the evenings, but would fall asleep while putting the kids to bed. When I managed to stay awake, I didn’t have much energy and would choose to paint simple subjects on either watercolour postcards, like the apple above, or small Fabriano watercolour paper (12.5 x 18 cm).
Watercolour sketch of Calla flowers
This one of Calla flowers never got finished. My kids choose these yellow flowers, which I probably wouldn’t buy myself, but I agreed to their choice thinking of the simplicity and the beauty of Georgia O’Keeffe paintings, which I discovered recently. While struggling to chose a flower bouquet in the shop, I realised that I prefer the natural messiness of the growing plants to the careful arrangements made by human hand. I miss having a garden.
Abstract watercolour
Sometimes I just wanted to play with colour. It turned out to be very therapeutic.
Abstract watercolour
As days progressed it was getting easier and easier to find excuses not to paint, so I bought some yellow lilies and started getting up earlier to help me find the time and motivation to paint.

30 paintings in 30 days challenge statistics:
Started on: 31st December 2013
Days missed: too many
Paintings completed 12