Photo of yellow begonia
I bought more flowers to paint and to make the house more homely. I’m still struggling to find the time and energy for painting. The youngest keeps on waking up at night, which is frustrating as he used to sleep well before we left London. Truth to tell none of us are sleeping as well as we should.

Eventually I did a quick 10-minute sketch to start me rolling.
Watercolour  sketch of Begonia
I was reading a book on Georgia O’Keeffe, so attempted to do a close up sketch imitating her style. I still need to work on the contrast – the darks need to be darker.
Watercolour of Begonia
I have no memories of what I was trying to accomplish in this sketch. Funny, as painting for me usually results in remembering the moment in time quite well. Another sign of needing to get more sleep?
Watercolour of Begonia
I started this one yesterday after 9pm, so wanted to do a quick wet-into-wet painting. Got completely absorbed in it and by the time I finished it was 11pm. Overslept today, so it was a mad rush to get the oldest to school.
Watercolour of Begonia

All watercolours were done on Fabriano cold pressed watercolour paper (12.5 x 18 cm) with Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolours.