On Wednesday I caught a train to the Flinders Street Station to meet up with Melbourne artist and sketcher Jodi. We agreed to meet under the clocks.
Flinders St Station
Funny that “meeting under the clocks”, so familiar back from my school and uni days and here I was yet again meeting someone for the first time.
I followed Jodi’s sketch blog for about a year, cheering her art journey and often nodding my head in agreement at her thoughts on sketching, art, motherhood. It was fantastic to have a long chat over coffee about all the things that are important to both of us. Afterwards we walked to the Federation Square to do quick sketches before Jodi had to go back home.
Flinders St Station from Federation Square
I was planning to do a two-page spread sketch, but ran out of steam.
Sketch of Flinders Street Station
After saying goodbye, I went to Morris and Sons to buy some beading needles and to gaze lovingly at all the gorgeous yarn (oh the temptation!)Morris & Sons yarn shop
Next I stopped by Dean’s Art store to familirize myself with the available art supplies and to find out the cost (I get the impression that it will be cheaper for me to order some things from UK). On exiting the store I ran into an old friend, who didn’t know I was back, so was happily surprised.
Back home I just had enough time to grab some lunch and to unwrap Jodi’s very generous gift of one of her small landscape paintings (it will be treasured by me), before rushing to pick up my daughter from school to take her swimming.
Small landscape by Jodi Wiley