Today I had a date with an artist, book illustrator and writer, believer in dragons and a wanna-be-architect. We sat next each other on the train, with the pencil case full of pens and pencils between us, sketching and chatting.
Our destination was the Children’s Book Festival at the State Library of Victoria.
Children's book festival
While she made a book about dragons, I sketched her and other kids and parents busily creating.
Pen sketch of people
In time it took me to do one sketch the place grew more crowded and noisier. I attempted to capture this swarming mass of people.
crowd of people at book festival
Then the book was finished we rushed to the “Meet the author and illustrator” area to get some writing tips from John Marsden and illustration tips from Terry Denton.
We explored other activities and marvelled at the beauty of the reading rooms, specially the Dome.
Sticky paper maze
Finishing off by navigating through sticky paper maze, we headed back home tired, but happy.