While preparing to move to Melbourne from London I gave few things away in the attempt to reduce our possessions. I’m glad I did as life without clutter is simpler, specially in a small space. The only item I missed so far was my sewing machine. I was surprised as I haven’t used it for about two years, but suddenly I wanted to make all sorts of things for the home and the kids and maybe even myself. I shared this need to sew with my friend and she offered me her tiny sewing Genie machine, which only does one type of stitch – straight stitch. I pulled out some fabric from my stash and made a simple drawstring bag for the clothes pegs.
Drawstring bag for pegs
I felt ridiculously proud of my decisiveness and lack of procrastination. I rarely find sewing easy, but that could be because I usually attempt projects that are beyond my meagre sewing skills. Of course this project only whetted my appetite – I’d love to make few more items, maybe even a quilt.