On Tuesday we drove out of the straight lines of suburbia to the rolling hills of the Healesville Sanctuary to show the kids Australian native animals. I suspect that during our ride the rest of the family got a bit bored with my exclamations pointing out the blueness of the distant hills; the various shades of green in the eucalyptus trees; the striking, almost geometric, silhouettes of the black cows in the distance. At the sanctuary I continued being amazed at the wide range of colours found in nature.
Beautiful colours in nature
Somehow my recent attempts at captureing the colours correctly in the watercolour paintings made me more sensitive to the colours around me even when I’m not painting. I guess I wished to be free to paint, but had to be content with making super-quick (1-5 minute) sketches, like the ones below.
Quick pen sketches

Staedtler pigment liner pen in Moleskine sketchbook (Portrait 9×14 cm)