I heard about the Urban Sketchers back in UK, but somehow never managed to make it to one of their meetings.  I don’t really sketch architecture or urban landscapes, so I guess it wasn’t a priority and something else always came first.  I finally made it to a meetup here in Melbourne to sketch around Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum. First a quick pen sketch of the dome to warm up – it reminded me of the Wren domes in London.
Pen sketches of farm animals and Royal Exhibition Building Dome

Pilot G-TEC-C4 pen in Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook (14.0 x 21.6 cm)

At this point I probably should’ve walked around to find something easy or interesting to sketch, but ended up staying in the same place chatting with various people including Jodi. The entrance to the Royal Exhibition Building seemed to be too complicated a subject to tackle on the first serious outdoor sketch outing in a long time and therefore I settled to sketching some trees that struck me by their tall beauty and loneliness in the otherwise stark man-made environment.
Trees next to Royal Exhibition Building
Sketch of trees next to Royal Exhibition Building

Staedtler pigment liner pen & watercolour in Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook (14.0 x 21.6 cm)

I ran out of steam and got really cold, so was happy when the time came to get all together again and share our sketches with each other. So many talented people, who see and record the world differently in their own unique way.
After warming up over a cup of hot chocolate and few rounds of the “5-minutes portraits” game I went inside the museum and manage to make another quick sketch.
Pen sketch of Inostracevia skeleton head

Staedtler pigment liner pen in Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook

I haven’t had so much fun in a long time and felt very inspired by seeing the work of other people. Definitely should get out more often to sketch outdoors and with others.