Hello! We finally have the Internet again and I am glad to be back here. In some ways it was very helpful to be forced to go internet-free for few weeks. I noticed how many important things are done online nowadays, but also how much time I waste in the mindless web-surfing following link after link after link in the endless trail.
Morning frost
I had a moment of self-doubt and questioning fuelled by seeing the work of so many talented people: everyone’s families and houses seem to be perfect; everyone seems to be progressing faster and achieving much more in their chosen field than I am; and everyone seems to be able to successfully juggle incredible number of responsibilities. Yes, I know that these perceptions are wrong, but still I was wondering if I should be able to do more or better or faster or differently.
Yellow wattle
I haven’t sketched or painted during the move (no motivation, desire, time or energy) and then I missed it. I started to notice the beauty abundant in my immediate environment and I wanted to record it. I was feeling cranky and impatient and I needed my life to contain the simple act of putting pen to paper. I needed to pause and really look at the world and sing the praise to it the only way I know how – by drawing and painting. My world is gentler, safer and happier place when I paint. I guess for me that’s good enough reason to keep on painting.
Watercolour sketch of daffodils

Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolour and Daler-Rowney acrylic ink in Moleskine watercolour sketchbook (Landscape 21×13 cm)