Sketches - shoe and tree
I’m trying to get back to daily sketching – doing it for about two years before taking the break proves that I can find the time everyday. I bought a cheap Quill sketchbook from the Officeworks (an office stationary supply shop) to always carry with me and started to pull it out whenever I remembered and had any amount of the uninterrupted time.
Sketches of people
I did the sketch on the left while Glenda Millard read her two books “Lightning Jack” and “Isabella’s Garden” at the Bendigo library’s storytime during the Bendigo Writers Festival. I still get excited every time I see a real writer or an illustrator talk about their work, as I grew up with the idea of them being special different creatures, who lived magical inaccessible lives far away. My children on the other hand seem to take it for granted that one can meet the writers and artists in everyday life. The youngest likes poetry and play with words, so I think he enjoyed the strong rhythm and rhyme of Glenda’s books.
The sketch on the right was done during the Cushion Concert for pre-school children at the Bendigo’s theatre The Capital.