Sketch of ScienceWorks Building

ScienceWorks Builidng – pen and watercolour wash in Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook (14.0 x 21.6 cm)

Hello! and sorry for the disappearing yet again. The school holidays started on the 19th of September and I took the kids first to Melbourne and then to Queensland. I had the best intentions to continue with the daily painting and blogging, but at the last minute decided to leave the laptop at home as it was another heavy item to drag around with me and I like to travel lightly. Once the holiday started I had to admit to myself that I would much more prefer to relax and enjoy it, instead of constantly look for the opportunities to paint.
Palm Trees
I feel that doing the daily painting challenge for 18 days was enough to teach me that:
1. I can paint regularly in the evenings.
2. Regardless of how much I enjoy painting, every evening I still had to overcome the desire to just rest and the reluctance to pick up my brushes, but once I did I would completely loose myself in the process and enjoy it immensely.
3. Painting every night at the end of the busy days is tough. From the next week I’ll aim to paint just five evenings per week allowing myself to have one evening to chill out (read a book, watch a movie, sit outside in the garden and stare at the stars) and another one to plan the week ahead and do paperwork.
4. Having a well organized work space and consistent routines helps immensely to get some painting and drawing done.
5. To continue painting in the new environment or outside my daily routines (holidays!) I need to have a well thought-out detailed plan beforehand.