London - top of St Paul's Cathedral
It’s been a year since we left London. Few months of travel and visiting family; six months of adjusting to being back in Melbourne and enjoying catching up with the old friends; another period of adjustment as we moved to Bendigo four months ago.
London - Barbican centre
London - Barbican balconies
Around our second month in Bendigo I reached my lowest point: feeling jaded by constant changes, socially inept, resistant to exploring new place and making new friends. I was missing London: my amazing, talented, beautiful friends; the museums, art galleries and theatres; knowing that this vast, old, vibrant city will always be full of surprises to stumble upon. Without me noticing, London seeped into my bones. The images come unexpected, bright and precious – riding a bus across the heath, walking along Thames past the colourful sea of tourists, drinking tea at the friend’s kitchen table. They hit me with the full force of longing and I miss London with my whole body.
London wall - home of pigeons
However, two months ago there weren’t any fairy godmothers around to wave a wand and magically whisk me back to my old life in London. Days kept on passing, new friends were met, new routines were established, new places were discovered. Spring came bringing gorgeous blue skies, explosion of flowers, abundance of bees and birds. I love Australia – I feel more relaxed and confident here. It feels right to be at this place at this time – providence brought us here to learn what we need to learn. For now I wish for stability, for staying in one place, for using the energy for the inner-transformation instead of the physical journeys. The future will unfold itself in all its intricacy and beauty and take me where I meant to be.
Eastern Rosella