Yellow cherry tomatoes
I attempted to grow tomatoes few times in London, but they would always succumb to some disease, so I’m very chuffed with my success at growing them here in Australia. The kids got to eat the first two, but there are plenty about to ripen and I’m looking forward to using them in salads.
First two yellow cherry tomatoes
I wanted to record my first yellow cherry tomatoes in the Moleskine watercolour sketchbook (landscape 21×13 cm) and had grand plans of sketching them slowly outside, but by the time I got out into the garden at 10am the sun was shining down mercilessly, I could feel it burning the uncovered parts of my skin and had to downgrade my plans to a quick 15 minute sketch.
Watercolour sketch of yellow cherry tomatoes
I also have few other types of tomatoes growing, including Black Russian, which I couldn’t resist due to the name.
Tomato Black Russian