Christmas tree angle
Unusually we are at home for Christmas instead of traveling somewhere else in the world to visit our widespread extended family. There is no Christmas tree – I doubt a real one would last long in the summer heat and I didn’t want to buy a plastic one. Instead we got a dwarf mandarin tree and decorated the house with tinsel and the few baubles we own.
Christmas Wreath
There is a Christmas wreath, bought at Bendigo’s craft Market – Trove. Its colour coordination with the front door was totally unplanned.
Sketch of Christmas Wreath
My Facebook feed is full of Christmas sketches. I’m hoping to sketch the Christmas tree at the centre of Bendigo tomorrow or on Boxing day, but for now the only record of this Christmas in my sketchbook is this sketch of the front door.

I wish you Merry Christmas spent in joy and peace, surrounded by people you love and doing what you love.