Custom iPhone case and cards from my paintings
I really liked the painting of an iris that I created for my friend and decided to extend its use by making some cards. I hardly ever used Photoshop before, so struggled through the process of cleaning up the photo and adjusting the size to fit a card template from VistaPrint. While going through the process I noticed a special offer on VistaPrint for the phone cases and decided to combine my old painting of pansies with the iris one to create myself a new case. More struggling with the Photoshop followed and eventually I placed my order with VistaPrint almost at midnight on the 5th of February and it arrived yesterday 10th of February (unexpectedly quick). The colours are a bit darker than the ones on my monitor, but purple colours are notoriously hard to reproduce. I’m so pleased with seeing one of my paintings constantly on the back of my phone and hope my friends will enjoy getting the cards for their birthdays. Next time I may try different higher-quality paper option, which costs extra, but still ends up being cheaper than buying birthday cards from the shops. I also have plans to watch some Photoshop tutorials as working using ‘trial and error’ method takes too much time.