Goldmines Hotel Bendigo
One sunny Saturday I went to the Goldmines Hotel with my family for lunch. The kids were very excited to show me around its beautiful garden, which was full of little nooks that could be inspirations for future paintings.
Pond at Goldmines Hotel, Bendigo
Buddha sculpture at Goldmines Hotel
I attempted to sketch one corner while waiting for the food, chatting to my family and avoiding offers of help from my youngest.
Sketch of one corner in Goldmines Hotel gardens
Amusingly once my meal arrived it turned out to colour coordinate with my sketch.
Eating & sketching at Goldmines hotel
The food was average and a bit of disappointment compared to the beautiful surroundings, friendly service and interesting selection of beers, though my husband, who’ve been there for lunch previously, informed me that on previous occasion it was substantially better.