Back in London, while planning the move to Australia, I wanted to record some of the places that I loved or visited often, but there was always something else to get done and I only managed to do a handful of sketches. Now I regret not giving this project a higher priority. It would be wonderful to flip through a sketchbook remembering the good times and all the small details that one notices while sketching. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice I recently bought a Strathmore 400 Series sketchbook (21.6 x 27.9 cm) to try to capture some of my life in Bendigo and surroundings. We recently extended our lease for another six months, but after that the future is uncertain and we may move again somewhere else. So there isn’t much time to dilly-dally.

I wanted to begin this sketchbook with the sketch of the house that we are renting, but since the weather has been on the chilly side I opted to sketch the fireplace instead. First sketch – the declaration of the intention and others will follow in time.
Watercolour sketch of fireplace

Winsor & Newton watercolour in Strathmore 400 Series sketchbook (21.6 x 27.9 cm)