Day 10 and painting number 10 mean that I’m 1/3 through the 30 paintings in 30 day challenge. Hurray! I wasn’t sure if I’ll make it. The youngest came down with the horrible flu this week, he feels miserable and therefore wants me to be next to him all the time. I didn’t get to paint last night (I paint the night before to give me time to photograph the painting for the Instagram and to write a blog post here), yet I really want to make it all the way to 30 paintings this time around and so resorted to putting on the Octonauts (lovely TV underwater adventure cartoon for young kids) to give me an hour or so to paint.
Watercolour painting of pansies

Winsor & Newton watercolours on Archers medium watercolour paper (10.5 x 15 cm)

I was thinking about all the pansies I painted previously and realised that I haven’t shown you the one I’ve done in Strathmore 400 Series sketchbook (21.6 x 27.9 cm) about a month ago.
Pot of pansies - watercolour